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for the Eco4 Grant


you are not eligible for the Eco4 Grant.

You may be eligible for solar panel installation. Our agent will contact you to discuss this option.

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Eligibility Assessment

Evaluate your eligibility and determine qualification for the program.

Assessment & Planning Survey

The installer performs a comprehensive home survey to assess and plan for the installation.


The installer identifies necessary measures for the ECO4 scheme and allocates grant funding accordingly.

Efficient Installation

Implement measures as planned, making the home energy-efficient through the installation process.

Consent form for sharing data with the Energy Saving Trust

We need to check you are eligible for the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and/or Great British Insulation Schemes (GBIS) and/or Land Registry (LR). To do this, for ECO and GBIS we would like to share your information with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) via Energy Saving Trust who will verify whether or not you are receiving the relevant benefits to be eligible for either scheme. To check the ownership of your property as registered with HM Land Registry, we need to submit your information through an online checking service provided by the Energy Saving Trust (EST). This will enable us to securely verify the property’s private ownership against the data on the register. EST will not use this data for any other purpose.

Please note that it is not possible for Energy Saving Trust or us, the company using this service, to see which benefits you are through this service. DWP will only confirm whether you are in receipt of a qualifying benefit, not which one. This will not have any impact on future benefit payments.

If you do not want us to share your data with DWP via Energy Saving Trust, you will be required to provide copies of documents that provide proof of the benefits you are in receipt of from the DWP.

If you go on to receive funding through ECO4 or GBIS your data may be audited by Ofgem and/or your Energy Supplier to ensure a valid eligibility check has been completed for you. For full information on what will happen to the data we collect about you, please refer to the privacy notices from your Energy Supplier and installer, Energy Saving Trust, DWP, and Ofgem.

By ticking the box ( below the form ), and providing your details, you agree to share this data with the DWP via Energy Saving Trust.

You can contact us to withdraw your consent for us to share your data with DWP via Energy Saving Trust. If you withdraw consent, the collected data will continue to be processed, however no new data will be collected or used for further processing. We will be required to keep a record of any data already processed for the purposes of Ofgem audits however your data would only be audited in cases where you have received funding from ECO4 or GBIS. Data relating to ECO4 and GBIS eligibility checks will be retained until 30 September 2026 unless otherwise notified by Ofgem.